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This particular fantasy was what had finally made mom allow me to reach my orgasm, after she had strapped me down onto our bed. I considered several times just leaving school and going home, but considering mom would be at work until her usual time I dismissed this notion and stayed the whole day plus cheer leading practice.I showered after practice and then raced home to prepare myself for what I knew would be an incredibly hot sexual experience with my mother.I then heard the door from the garage shut loudly, followed my a determined walk up the stairs to our bedroom. Do you know what happens to bad girls who misbehave?I bowed my head, as if I was in trouble when my mother walked into our bedroom. They get a spanking." She then sat down on the bed and pointed to her lap, saying "Bend over my lap, young lady." I immediately sniffled a bit and bent over her lap, as I felt my skirt ride up a bit.This is a nice combination of bondage, sensory deprivation and forced feminization.The female body reminds me a little of the femme bot from the movie Mars Attacks!She stopped right in front of me and said, "Well, young lady, what do you have to say for yourself? Mom then began to caress my thighs with her fingers as she said, "I am very disappointed in you, young lady. But I have no choice but to punish you for your forgetfulness." All the while she was saying this, she began to trail her fingers up my thighs and over my cotton panties covered ass cheeks.

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What kind of a mother would I be if I let you get away with anything?I had to wiggle my ass a lot, in order to shimmy out of them.This action only caused my mother to get a close up view of my wiggling ass cheeks.I debated all three ways as I dressed into my slutty schoolgirl outfit.I left the top three buttons on my blouse undone, so as to show off some cleavage and prove that I wasn't wearing a bra.

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