Why is ad aware se not updating

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I guess that I wasn't paying attention, and I knew nothing of SE 106 no longer being supported, until after reading here.In short, I went to run A-A on the weekend, and it reported my defs way out of date. »majorgeeks.com/Ad-Aware_ ··· 506Todd I'm just going to jump in here.All the icons & the update messages have stayed the same. When I try it just gives me an INSTALL file that of course the computer doesn't recognize.

Now (2012), it wants to install anti-virus, toolbar, etc, etc. It is in Beta right now and available for download on the Lavasoft website.use at your own risk because it is still Beta and some users have complained it has disabled their antivirus software.

Some Adware programs send personal information to third parties, about what you do with your computer so they can send you "relevant" advertising.

Ad-Aware is a free product which finds and removes this Adware.

Can anyone give me the straight info on why this is such a pain & how to correct it?

Sorry for just jumping in & venting but I've had it x 10 on this type of crap.

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