Who is snsd sooyoung dating blackberry accuweather not updating

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I’m happy they have admitted it now just so I can gush about how cute this couple is, other and I find them adorable and so cute together.Sports Seoul broke the dating story today by serving up the usual grainy “date photos” as proof.If that wasn’t a shout-out to his honey Sooyoung then I don’t know how much more obvious he could get without stating it in big bold letters.I’m so happy for this couple and blame it on the nature of K-fans for causing entertainers to want to lie about their personal lives so no annoyance from me that these two tried weaseling out of their dating news before. Even better – star in a drama with two sets OTPs and the girls can play sisters!She then auditioned for the 2002 Korea-Japan Ultra Idol Duo Audition and won first place, subsequently Sooyoung was sent to Japan and debuted as a member of the duo Route θ, alongside Marina Takahashi. , Kimi Ni Ae Ta Kara (君に会えたから) and Onna No Ko Magic (女の子マジック). Sooyoung came back to Korea and had more training, before she became a member of Girls' Generation in 2007, given the roles of a supporting vocalist, lead rapper and a lead dancer in the group.Sooyoung sang the song "Kkok" with Kwon Yuri for the series, Working Mom.I think they could have started dating before Jung Kyung Ho went off to the army, or after he was released in September of 2012.Jung Kyung Ho admitted after he was discharged that he loved SNSD during his army days and the group “gave him strength” to get through the long army life.

i think that she has to hide them cause it seems that she is anorexic and really disturb me cause i think that i will to stop watching the rest o the drama . she is good actress Well, I want her do the next drama with lee seung gi. May your group become one of the most prominent and legendary singing groups of the world in history (that includes ABBA, Beatles, Bee Gees, et. With their current age in the 23-24 yrs, they need to break out and be at the very top of singing groups for the next 5-7 years straight. Apparently they spent Christmas eve together at a party hosted by Sooyoung’s older sister and earlier that day Jung Kyung Ho was seen entering a Chanel store and picking up a present for his honey.The fact that they belong to the same church and are spending holidays with family members bolsters the timing of their dating to quite a ways back rather than recently like Yoona and Seung Gi.Yeah right, like SM doesn’t have their artists under 24/7 surveillance.Jung Kyung Ho’s agency is even worse and claimed that it twice denied he was dating Sooyoung because that was what Jung Kyung Ho told them.

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