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So when the Warner Brothers opportunity came up, I wanted to just go and get the experience of a professional audition under my belt.

I never thought I’d even get called back, much less book the role.

Megan, as played by Stern, is the girlfriend of Silas, the elder son, who at the same time contends with the loss of his father and the small-but-magnified hazards of high school and puberty.

In episode three, he meets Megan, who paints him for an idiot in more ways than one.

Most of the time I get auditions for deaf characters where the scene has them communicating in really convoluted ways, like reading lips from across the room when the other person’s back is turned or having other people parrot what they say.

I loved that I got to portray Megan without saying anything.

Then my agent told me I was the only one they called back. She’s a firecracker, and a huge dimension of her character is nonverbal. She has so much spunk and personality, and she doesn’t take anything lying down.

She has so much confidence and really knows who she is, even though she’s so young.

I loved the audition because much of the time in the scene I got to fill out the character without even saying anything.

Opening credits show the fictitious city of Agrestic, a suburbia generica populated by conformists—morning commuters pulling out identical black SUVs from their driveways onto a winding street of Mc Mansions, white oxfords-and-black-tie types sipping lattes, and trophy housewives jogging with i Pods latched to their waistbands.

In short, Agrestic is one of those planned townships that suffocate.

She got her break with a guest role on the cable show Off Centre and subsequently appeared as a regular on the short-lived network TV show Threat Matrix.

Additionally, she joined Matthew Broderick for a cameo in the feature film The Last Shot and has garnered guest roles on Providence, Boston Public, ER and The Division, in which she was excited to act opposite Marlee Matlin, the only deaf actress to have won an Oscar.

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