Who is rihanna dating october 2016

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There’s another theory floating around that Rihanna found out Campbell had been saying ugly things about Rihanna to Jameel in an attempt to keep them apart.It’s possible all or parts of these things are true and the friendship finally reached a breaking point or perhaps (we hope! After all, sometimes friendships are put to the side in the beginnings of a serious love affair.The romance really began to kick into high gear in November 2016 and the deal was sealed when they rang in 2017 together together, followed by a two-week trip to Maldives.What follows is an obsessive time line of key events in their romance. There are a billion gossip sites, but only one Lipstick Alley.) July 10, 2016: Naomi Campbell and Jameel attend a Stevie Wonder concert in London.While some argue Naomi was upset to discover Rihanna was dating Jameel, others have said Campbell was unfriended for her shabby treatment of Rihanna’s model fave and friend, Slick Woods, who tweeted (and quickly deleted) about being treated poorly by an iconic black model.The latter argument carries some weight if only because it seems unlikely that it took until February for Campbell to discover Rihanna and Hassan were dating.

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Whether she curved his attempt to kiss her is hotly debated for days to follow.October 24, 2016: Instagram account @alizee posts a picture of herself on a grand staircase in Paris luxury hotel Ruffles, where she claims she was having dinner with Rihanna and her “new man,” a reference she will eventually edit out.October 28, 2016: Rihanna is spotted arriving at JFK Airport in New York, all smiles.Whether their relationship was ever deeper than friendship is not known.This was their first public outing and seemingly also their last.

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