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Beadle and Punk had been acquainted long before Lee’s relationship with Punk began. According to the website, WWE’s social media manager was supposedly asked to wipe his plate clean following a meal in catering.

As Beadle wrote on Twitter on December 15, 2013, “I’ve known CM Punk for years. He allegedly joked that it was Del Rio’s job to clean the plate, which could be perceived as racist by Hispanic people.

During filming of WWE’s event on December 11, 2013 at Joint Base Lewis-Mc Chord in Pierce County, Washington., Lee’s relationship with CM Punk became a story when the WWE Diva confronted NBC Sports personality Michelle Beadle after Beadle had spoken to him. The NBC presenter continued, “I honestly thought it was a joke. Though not identified by name, F4WOnline.com’s updated story on Del Rio’s termination says the altercation involved the company’s social media manager.

It is one of the most surreal moments in the history of a wrestler meeting somebody they were a fan of considering the personal lives of WWE Hall of Famer Amy “Lita” Dumas and former WWE Diva AJ Lee.

The fact that there is footage of their encounter (courtesy of WWE) makes it all the more surreal.

A cameraman then focused on AJ, who was sporting a Lita t-shirt, and had tears of joy on her face. As members of the WWE Universe know by now, AJ married CM Punk in June 2014.

What’s noteworthy about that is that The Straight Edge Superstar had previously dated Lita.

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