Who is christian louboutin dating

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Paired along with my favorite dress designer, are Chanel and Christian Louboutin. I'm always so delighted when I get to wear Herve Leger.

Btw, this classic red Herve Leger dress is currently available for sale here.

I decided to wear my most comfortable wedges from Marshalls with skinny jeans and a top from Forever 21.

From there, I pretty much just caked my face with foundation and then dipped it in bronzer. He picked me up in his 911 Porsche convertible and was actually super nice despite the fact that his entire outfit loudly expressed that it cost more than my entire life savings.

Last summer, I experienced first hand how money makes people crazy, and I am here to tell you ALL about my ridiculous date with a millionaire.

Who was this dude and how did I stumble upon him, you ask?

After just one date, this dude bought me a pair of Christian Louboutins (which are like 00 shoes) to wear on my birthday.

I don’t know what he was smoking thinking that I would wear those on my birthday -I have my game face on for my birthday and sandals it is!

Louboutin, Chanel and Herve Leger all in one outfit. Because these garments are so flattering, I refuse to wear any other cocktail dresses.At this point, I was viewing him as a cool buddy to have, but the thought of kissing him or even just touching him made my vagina curl up into a dry dusty ball. Nothing was going to make me attracted to this guy; his American Express was a different story.I politely declined his offer to Cabo and he told me he’d gift me something instead.This guy was trying to get his dick wet and he wasn’t fooling anyone. On dinner.) He dropped me off and I went right to my bathroom and threw up. Day After Date: My birthday was just a few days away, and he asked me if I wanted to go on his private jet with him to Cabo.I started to feel slimy for even being there with him, I was totally that girl-the young naive girl in Hollywood wearing Forever 21 out to eat with a sleazy old rich guy. The bill came and I’m not exactly sure how much it was, I just know that I saw a comma. Well, I would like the private jet and I would like Cabo but I didn’t want him to be there.

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