Who is anne dating on secret life

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Grace quips that this isn’t really true because it is “so cool to be gay.” Across town, Adrian’s awesome flight attendant mother is schooling Adrian in how her publicity stunt is really insulting to the LGBTQ community, hasn’t anyone told her that? ) Amy then descends upon her parents’ house in a fit of privilege and brattiness, wishing to see her jetlagged mother.Adrian rolls her eyes that that one girl who is gay hasn’t said anything. She then sits down at the kitchen table with Molly Ringwald to talk about her upcoming wedding, but Anne has bigger news, and tells her that she’s gay.(Nouns reasoned to be why Independence Day is really gay pride: sparklers, shorts, hot dogs, fireworks, parades.) While chatting about the juicy rumor, best friends/roommates Adrian and Grace segue, soft core porn style, into the “Aren’t you curious what it would be like? At first Grace bristles and gives one of the episodes many quotable lines, saying “I would never have sex with a girl — they’re dramatic, they’re fickle.

Amy leaves in a huff (her child has been conveniently entertained by someone else this whole time), and back at their home, Ricky tries to get Amy to see that she’s being cruel, and that while Amy may want her family to remain the way they were growing up, that’s not going to happen.might as well have been called “The Not Really Secret Lives of Not Lesbian American Teenagers But Some of Their Moms Are Gay.” Got that?Now in its fourth season, the saga that began with Amy Juergen’s teenage pregnancy has continued into a web of break ups and hook ups, with several characters now in summer school so they can graduate.Describing the kiss with the woman, she gushes, “It was exciting and my heart was racing, and I felt like one — free, happy, excited, like everything is brand new.” There’s an amiability between her and her soon to be ex-husband that’s a little fantastical, but, hey. Plus, how dare Grace tease him with that lesbian stuff?“I’m just a red blooded american guy, and you got me all worked up telling me about that kiss.” Grace actually apologies, but instead of falling into bed with him, demands to be brought to Adrian for another kiss.

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