Where to touch a girl dating boob tips

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Then, start with light stroking, and then switch up to more intense pressure and circle around the clit (hint: it’s near the top).Then, when she’s visibly ready for it, use your fingers inside her – start with one, and then increase to two, maybe three, if she’s feeling it.Don’t go straight in for the kill and try to squeeze four fingers into a very dry vagina.Circle the clit first (the hood at the top), vary the tempo and start off with light pressure and work your way up. Listen to her breath, if it gets faster, then you’re doing something right.If you’re happy to use your tongue as well, one finger rubbing the g-spot and licking the clitoris is going to guarantee a speedy orgasm. It’s essential to be careful about the angle, and that she is totally relaxed, otherwise it won’t work and could be painful.It’s best to be leant over and watching what you’re doing to ensure you’re getting it right, maybe holding one leg up if that makes it easier.Do NOT kiss me for five seconds then start heading south.Start at the clitoris – in fact you can chill out there all day if you like – actual fingering doesn’t really do anything.

Most girls need clitoral stimulation to come, so as you use your fingers, face your palm downwards to lightly touch it.

However sexy you think the rubbing of the inner thigh is, it is not.

If there’s anything you’re going to take away from learning about how to finger a girl, let it be this: the outside is just as important as the inside.

Lads, we know you didn’t ask for this guide, but we also know you don’t know how to finger a girl properly, so we’ve written it for you anyway. The first thing to say before educating 50 per cent of the population on how to finger a girl is fingering shouldn’t go on for more than 10 minutes.

A cheeky finger can make or break any sexual encounter, and if you do it right she’ll definitely be coming back for more.

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