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It was based on VMM Basic that was developed by Balrog Software on top of Pure Basic.

The second version - Webcam Mania Game Pack 2 - was built around 20 for Adobe Flash Player 10.

The game should run on all 32bit Windows environments and with all webcams (from 2005). I recommend you to try the Webcam Mania 3 instead as it covers all of these games except Firework and doesn't require any installations.

If you want to try out the old game anyway, you can download the Webcam Mania 1.0 here.

To make it working you need to replace version 0.6.2 of Brid J JAR by the 0.6.3-SNAPHOST or newer bridj-0.7-20140918.I am interested in human-computer interaction and I wanted to study what can be achieved with this kind of approach.The first version of Webcam Mania was made in 2005.The latest version - Webcam Mania 3 was released in 2014 for Adobe Flash Player 11.Webcam Mania Game Pack 2 was developed during 2009-2011 and it contains 14 different minigames.

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