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They will cause you pain, hurt you emotionally, keep you waiting around forever and never commit, and when you do finally get in a relationship with him - a bad breakup is bound to happen OR you'll be left forever regretting sticking around and so much more too. Now here's where I can give you many signs to look for and the most common types you'll want to seriously consider NOT dating or if you already are - whether it's fixable or not.These men are generally considered TOXIC or figuratively deadly to your emotional health and well-being. This is normally a sign of very low confidence or very little self-esteem.Yes - you should be wary of guys who always want to give you things and do everything for you with total disregard for themselves or their time.

He will also use other women in his life to prove his point with you. AND if you don't offer that to him and if he never believes it's real - he'll resent it. Guys who feel like they deserve more without making a real effort to move on or be honest with themselves will also find it difficult to be totally honest with you.He goes from relationship to relationship and tends to skip over many of the really good parts of casually dating.This goes for you too: If you're not happy by yourself, chances are someone else won't make you happy either. Guys who commit too early and all too easily or act like they're in a relationship with you after a date or two, should be avoided IF you're looking for a real commitment. It's an avoidance to take charge and quite possibly get over his past.Denial Patterns: Codependency involves a habitual system of thinking, feeling, and behaving toward ourselves and others that can cause pain.Codependent behaviors or habits are self-destructive. We frequently react to people who are destroying themselves; we react by learning to destroy ourselves.

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