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Hi All, I had a bunch of records in database which are not formatted. Hi All, Thanks for you valuable information, but my requirement is something like this, i must be able to give 0091(080)4190-6111, number some thing like this, user can enter the data like this, what i mean to say is Special Characters : ( ) - and only integers are allowed. I am tasked with implementing a application that was writen vb6 then converted to into a new website my team is developing. Is your cell phone leaking your phone number on the web?I want to write a regular expression validation for this, my only condition for this the number should accept digits, special characters like ( ) and - . The idea is to put each of the 3 different forms in this application of 3 different pages. if anyone outside the US can confirm that this actually happens? I don't see any issues with it with Verizon in the US.In this case im looking to create a web and wap version of the same project. NET and C# and I am wondering how to create the mobile web form and incorporate it in the project. How to Make Web Forms from other Web Forms In putting together an ASP.

My technological forte is Microsoft Technologies especially Dot Net (Visual Studio 2003, 2005, 2008, 20) and Microsoft SQL Server 2000,20 R2. if u want to use javascript write a function on onkey Down event of a textbox function checkvalid() logic here is that on keydown u ll first check whether textbox already has anything if no direct allow if yes check the length if its 1 then check the value in textbox if its 1 or 2 allow to enter but if its 3 then check the to be typed integer if its 0 then allow else dont allow return false will not allow anything to be typed Hi, 1. Within function , take the value of that textbox using Element By Id and ckeck that value after keypress is less than equal to 30 or not? You can also make use of Filtered Text Box Extender. On key Press event, just call a function and pass event as parameter. Can you tell me how I can compare the value of 2 textboxes in c#? Textbox1 = 3, Textbox2 = 4 I want to throw an error message to say something to the effect that the value entered in Textbox2 has to be smaller than textbox1. The whole idea is to have 1 single page where a user can do everything they need to without having to be linked to another page. For form Resized by position of the div : if div can't dispaly all (such as only top part , then web form heithten the heght),resize the web form Web Form Resized by position of the div : if div can't dispaly all (such as only top part , then web form heithten the heght),resize the web form !On this page we can submit new customer info and view the status/info of existing customers and edit that info as needed. Because of my pool English, if you can't see , I will explain more !

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