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Care must also be taken when using the display filter to remove noise from the packet trace.If, for example, you want to filter out all packets.If you want to see all packets which contain the field, use ``tr.rif''.Think of a protocol or field in a filter as implicitly having the ``exists'' operator.``ip.addr'' occurs twice per The first filter says ``show me packets where an exists that does not equal''.

To find any source-routed packets, a display filter would be: [i:j] i = start_offset, j = length [i-j] i = start_offset, j = end_offset, inclusive.

The other could equal and the packet would still be displayed.

The second filter says ``don't show me any packets that have an field equal to''. If neither field is, then the packet is displayed.

Note: all protocol and field names that are available in Wireshark and TShark filters are listed in the comprehensive Boolean values are either true or false.

In a display filter expression testing the value of a Boolean field, ``true'' is expressed as 1 or any other non-zero value, and ``false'' is expressed as zero.

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