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We help them put their best foot forward but do not lie on their behalf or represent a substantially different personality.Virtual Dating Assistants LLC ( the first and only company designed to allow busy male professionals to fully outsource their online dating, is set to make its market debut tomorrow, June the 10th.He developed a systematic process that his VA could follow and, after some fine tuning, she was able to schedule 79 first dates with attractive women within a period of 12 months.One of these dates would lead to his current marriage. Anderson and co-founder Scott Valdez are overseeing a hand-picked team of VAs that they often refer to as their "007" Dating Assistants due the "suave and sophisticated nature of their undercover interactions." According to Mr.When faced with criticism about the provision of a fully-outsourced solution to online dating that requires the company to interact online as the client, Mr.Valdez emphasizes that they "simply represent clients in their best light while using the most effective methods of self-expression and interaction found for online dating.Firms Converting knowledge into action Welcome to module three of The OPT Formula.

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Matt Lloyd s OPT Formula Module 3: Laying the foundations The main outsourcing sites Best outsourcing for coding Best outsourcing for design Best outsourcing for content Virtual Assistant firms Alternative Places to hire Different Countries to outsource Solo freelancers Vs.People like AJ Jacobs, editor-at-large at Esquire magazine, and Tim Ferriss, author of international bestseller "The 4-Hour Workweek," would probably tell you there are very few activities that cannot be outsourced for the sake of efficiency. Jacobs' VA has sent apology emails to his wife and read his son bedtime stories while Mr.Ferriss has actually paid teams of VAs located all over the world to set up 20 dates for him in 4 weeks.While there are many theories about potential causes for the online dating industry's bull market behavior, the most popular belief is that, during tough times, people of all income levels seek the comfort of another to help them weather the storm.With respect to the idea of outsourcing online dating, the idea of using Virtual Assistants (VAs) for personal tasks is not by any means new.

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