Vietmamese dating etiquette

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If you are about dating a Vietnamese lady anywhere in the part of the world and you have your doubt, stop doubting and go for it.I will be sharing some man to man talks with you and also debunk some rumour you have heard or something someone had when dating a Vietnamese lady.The Vietnamese family will support their child's family anyway they can and make sure you have a good wedding, so if they need help and you can do it, it is a normal thing to help. They will always say the truth, please don't doubt her. You don't need to snoop around her phone or what she is doing.Nobody will judge you on not helping, but your wife will sure stand by her family when they need her. She knows she is married and will not want to do anything that will hurt your feelings. She will definitely comply Hey, chill out, Vietnamese girls are not robot.A wise man once told me: So when some old men that believed they had failed in their country meet a lady with a backless shirt, they believe they can continue the same lifestyle that failed them in their country and get the lady, she played smart and they starts crying and cursing.

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The truth is that Vietnamese girls are self-dependent and don't need how much you earn unless you choose to tell them.If you meet a classy, independent working class Vietnamese.I can tell you that she will take care of herself and also will support you if you are a visionary person. Taking Care Of Your Family: If you are lucky enough to date a girl not from the city or spend few years abroad and brainwashed, Vietnamese ladies will take care of your immediate family and not the other way round as propagated.They will love you, but let them have a say, they are not machines and will prove it if you are turning to a dictator in your relationship.You don't need a lawyer to spell out your do's and don'ts. Domestic Goddess: If you want a lady that will serve you delicious and home-made meals. Your Mcdonald, KFC and lotteria days are getting over.

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