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About is the first Video Speed dating service on Skype and allows members to be matched to real people all over the world for 5 minute speed dates across all time zones.

Skyecandy is committed to bringing a fun and friendly experience and introduces Friendly Star Rating, personal Reminder Notes, P.

Pre-Credits Gag: Michelle learns about caterpillars. Joey makes a series of desperate phone calls as he tries to find a date for New Years Eve.

Pouring salt on the gaping wound that is his pathetic loneliness, the other dads come home from a double-date with their hot lady friends and start making out in the living room. ), Jesse and Rebecca Donaldson urge Joey to find a date for the upcoming New Years Eve party at the tv station so he’s not an even bigger 5th wheel burden to have around than he usually is.

S Notes and Cheeky Notes to its online speed dating community.

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Narrated using the voice of Bob Stephenson, the Skyecandy Demo walks a viewer step by step through the Skyecandy video dating experience, from how to download and install the Skyecandy Skype app to continuing free communication with a successful speed date partner.

Using a combination of animated characters and real people, the Skyecandy Demo focuses on informing viewers how to: "Apart from being one of the few really polished applications available for Skype, what I really like about it is the care that went into producing the introduction video.

DJ complains to Danny that she wants to sneak a sip of champagne and use it as an excuse to let some oily boy with half a mustache feel her up on New Years instead of being obligated to sit around with her ugmo sisters but then Joey volunteers to watch the girls because he really doesn’t have anything better to do.

Kimmie Gibbler comes over and invites DJ to her New Years Eve rager.

DJ gets all excited about going until Stephanie reminds her that she has to watch her and Michelle that night.

The other dads try to console Joey about the fact that it would be impossible for any woman to love him unless he got a bunch of plastic surgery and completely changed everything about his personality and then Joey slinks off to the basement while the audience goes, “aww.” Jesse and Danny decide to set up a hidden camera in the attic studio to trick Joey into being interviewed for a video dating service.

Danny summons Joey with an intercom that they’ve never shown before, but I guess it stands to reason that they’d have something like that because the full house is hella big.

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