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John second Robert Wheate-=p Catherine daughter ley al's Quyt- lawe of Joneby in com.

Thomas Anscell alias Anstell of Bar-=r Elizabeth daughter forde in com.

— Gules, three cross-crossleis fitchee or, on a chief of the second a martlet azure. — On a wreath or and gules a plurne of three ostrich-feathers surmounted by a similar plume argent, charged with a martlet azure.

Thomas Ardern=Ajine wydowe of Thomas Jone maryed to Elizabeth maryed of Hawnes in Gonnell of London daugh- John Moore of to John Lee of com.

No bonds or affidavits exist for the years 1695-1700 inclusive, after which time there is a bundle varying in size for each succeeding year with the exception of 1712.

Apparently, the additional trouble given by recording these particulars, caused the details to be omitted after the new regulations had been observed for a short period, as after 1823 no baptismal certificates were attached to the affidavits.

of Henry of 1 wiffe.] eldest Sonne [of Biirfford in com.

S' George Fitz Geffrey of Crekers in the p'ish of Barfford in com.

Memoranda on the back of some of the bonds show that £1 3s. The greatest possible brevity has been aimed at in the abstracts, with the view of lessening the labour of reference for the women's and stray names. Cancel Preface in Volume I and paste in the attached page in lieu thereof. It appears to have been the custom formerly for blank licences to have been sent to the Surrogates when their previous stock was exhausted. Apparently many Surrogates often failed in their duty of sending the Bonds and Allegations to the Registrar, and this for many years running. in italics shows that the bond is missing ; it may well be that in some cases the applications were not followed up. It will be noted that when only the affidavit is forthcoming, a^'.

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