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Let him tell you."What's happening is that there's become a huge polarization—between those who want to be single and those who want to be in relationships. They're a marketplace for short-term mating—but you see people who are looking for long-term potential shopping in a short-term marketplace."Ward sent me this exists—but modern relationships aren't as monolithic as the story makes them out to be."[The dating apocalypse] isn't due to Tinder," Ward says. It's amazing what has changed in the last 10 years—from Apple to Google, and throw in all the social networks.Dating was never mobile until seven years ago—the i Phone happened in '07, the first Android phone was in '08.

Men are visual creatures, and when it comes to websites and apps, they "just want to make sure they're not going to be surprised at who shows up on a date." Give a real, accurate impression of who you are, including how you look, and you'll likely have more success.

"Research shows that people who text are likely to get into bed faster," Ward says.

"The reality is that there is longitudinal data to support Sales' anecdotal references."The real issue is that "technology has created a form of digital intimacy," Ward says.

VH1 Reunion Special is now giving away free tickets in Atlanta, Georgia.

CAB Castings is looking for audience members for a TV reunion special filming this Wednesday, February 13th in Atlanta, Georgia. A VH1 commercial is now casting extras in Miami, Florida.

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