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(See the section in this chapter entitled "Validation With Got Focus and Lost Focus Events".) In general, the best time to validate a field's contents is when the user attempts to leave the field.The Validate event fires whenever the user attempts to set focus to another field on the same form or when the form unloads from memory while the current field has focus.

LISTING 5.4 USING THE VALIDATE EVENT PROCEDURE Private Sub txt Age_Validate(Cancel As Boolean) If Not Is Numeric(txt Age. This exam objective covers the use of exception handling to create robust and fault tolerant applications. NET Framework provides some predefined exception classes to help you catch these unusual situations in your programs.You can also create your own exception handling classes and error messages that are specific to your own applications. It's a truism of computer programming that garbage-in is garbage-out.m_Sqlstr = "Select Distinct RFID, Prod_Code, Lot_No From Scan Stk Where Batch No = '" & str Batchno & "' " m_Sql Cmd = New Sql Command(m_Sqlstr, Con) Con. Close Connection) With m_Bindingsrc Detail While RFIDReader.

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