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Very cute but I'm still thinking having a doula especially since I'm a first time mother and I find this whole labour thing extremely daunting. Cost is a factor and from my initial research it looks like the sky is the limit when it comes to doulas.However, my midwife told me that I could hire a doula who is still in training and the cost would be lower than that of a very experienced doula. Meet up to 25 eligible singles and see if you find a compatible love match.Men seeking women, women seeking men, men seeking men, and women seeking women all have the opportunity to meet, have some fun, and hopefully find love.She had many 'tools' in her toolbox for pain management (I had back labour so this was super appreciated!) She was an advocate when we were considering whether to push longer or go straight to the caesarean.Trust me when I say as soon as you go into labor they focus on you and make sure you are fabulous and have all your needs met. They use them with mums all the time and would know good ones.I had a team of midwives and I went into early labor and they went above and beyond to care for me and my baby while I was in hospital and bed rest up until I had my baby. also as i have had 2 babies i am telling you thr midwives do focus on you during.labor and are with you every step of the way.

I knew that I had made the right choice when we met and then it was reinforced when the nurses and doctors seemed genuinely happy that she was with me!!!! My midwives actually encouraged us to get one, because their priority is the health of baby and a doula's priority is your comfort and health.

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I am visualizing not wanting DH to touch me (I'm particular when not feeling great) and the thought of having someone know exactly how to hold my back to make the contraction pains subside sounds amazing.

Also thinking to have someone to keep DH calm and fetch him a sandwich (I won't let him leave me)... Some midwives don't seem mum focused because you are doing great or baby needs focus.

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