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She and Zero knew each other since they were babies, along with Ichiru. The girl was always there for him when he was at his weakest and most vulnerable.

The three would always play together, and even if Ichiru was on bed rest the girl would always come up with games or stories that were entertaining for all. Since the slaughter of his parents, he being turned by that woman, and Ichiru leaving him.

She smiled as her eyes glowed a bright lime green as she spoke. He held his middle tightly with one hand while the other hand clawed at the sheets.

"It's time his suffering ends and his happiness begins." This will be a Kanamex Zero. Notes:"Regular talking in present time"'Song used: 鎮魂頌 (Chinkonshou, Eulogy for the Repose of Souls)by ALI Project Disclaimer: I own no songs used in this fic, or the vampire knight characters. He groaned painfully through gritted teeth that became fangs, his other hand that was clenching the sheets of his bed went to his throat.

It was soothing and he felt himself calm down even more when she began singing. "No its not, I appreciate it." He closed his eyes and sighed.

Ai suru mono wo (I am holding tightly)mamorinuku tame (to the loving person)bokura wa inochi wo (Could we)nagedaseru darou ka (sacrifice our lives? "Besides you are the only one who isn't treating me like an animal." Lifting his head he stared in to the purple eyes of his friend. You didn't reject me."A frown made its way onto the black girl's face, understanding what he meant by rejection. When Zero began losing control he almost attacked Yuuki, but held himself back. Simone' appeared in time, and watch with hurt and anger as Yuuki ran away from Zero when he reached out, his eyes pleading, wanting help. To Zero that was more than a slap to the face, and also it was a sign that the brunette would never return his affections, as the way he was.

Pues en este ocasión tenemos información sobre el juego de Vampire Knight que saldrá a la venta el 29 de Enero, presumiblemente. En el segundo anuncio es Kaname diciendo: Querida mía...

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Would if Zero never drank Yuuki's blood when his vampire side started surfacing? Would if after the Rido attack things went back to normal but with certain changes?

The ex-human circled his arms around her waist and held on to her tightly, thinking if he didn't the girl would disappear.

He felt one cool hand run through his hair and the other on his back.

)Kono te ni nigiru (You grasp this hand)heiwa to iu na no (I hear that peace and the name of the)ken wo kazashite (sword is being lifted above your head)tatakau no darou ka (Will you fight? You prefer to rather be in agony than ever drink blood. Sighing Simone' cupped Zero face and pressed their foreheads together. And have your babies, which will be dragons and foxes by the way."Zero stared wide eyed at her before his lips started twitching.

)Umarekuru mae no ware (Before me, someone is giving birth)sore wa ima koko ni (Is this now where the)nemuru mitama ka (spirits of the dead sleep? The female thought angrily before she addressed the silverette. "Pfft," He covered his mouth to keep his laughter in.

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