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And this is the foundation of narcissistic invalidation.

In their minds, by denying you, in relation to whatever, means you cannot catch them out on their own denial about who they really are.

This article is the first instalment in a two-part series on invalidation and narcissism.

In this piece we expose why they do it, and how to spot it in action.

These social needs are just as essential as other survival needs like food, shelter, and safety.

Connection to others and being accepted is at the core of belonging.

Rather, it has everything to do with them as a person. To protect themselves from facing the reality of their true selves, the narcissist creates a mask, their ‘false-selves’, which is all about being beyond reproach.

The effects are horrendously damaging and disempowering. After all, when you’ve been emptied of your identity, full compliance to the narcissist’s demands is almost guaranteed. BUT…the very fact you are reading this now means you are not down and out. And in this battle to reclaim your life from narcissism, raising your awareness of when they are abusing you, sets in motion your release from the nightmare.UPGo allows truck drivers to pre-validate their scheduled missions to Union Pacific Intermodal Terminals.By pre-validating, you'll be ensured you're cleared to in-gate when you arrive. Currently available only for drivers registered with the UIIA.If a resounding ‘yes’ arose for you in feeling invisible and worthless because of the narc’s abuse, you know, from experience, how bereft the absence of validation leaves you, and how very central it is to your survival.Sadly, the vulnerability this causes only amplifies the power of invalidation…which is precisely what the narcissist wants in order to feed their needs. Once you understand the disordered thinking driving the narcissist’s invalidation, you can begin depersonalising this very personal attack. By seeing through their mask, in time you develop understanding that their dismantling of you has very little to do with you as a person.

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