Validating xml writer

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Unfortunately (well, considering the work I did), REST proved to be more popular than SOAP, and so I added a better JSON implementation to version 4 of libzeep as well as a way to create REST servers more easily.

Oh, and you can use libzeep to build complete web applications as well, using a tag processor that turns XHTML templates into HTML on the fly.

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For Windows users there's a VC solution file in the msvc directory.

Please note that libzeep aims to provide a fully compliant XML processor as specified by the W3 organisation (see: ).

This means it is as strict as the standard requires and it stops processing a file when a validation of the well-formedness is encountered, or when a document appears to be invalid when it is in validating mode.

Error reporting is done in this case, although I admit that error reporting should be improved.

The SOAP server part of libzeep makes it very easy to create a SOAP server software in C .

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