Validating xml using xsd in c

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Let's see if my file validates against this schema with the messed up Mickey Mantle card entry. VERBOSE: Error: The element 'Card' has invalid child element 'Name'. About the Author Adam Bertram is a 20-year veteran of IT.

VERBOSE: Error: The element 'Player' has invalid child element 'Team'. He's an automation engineer, blogger, consultant, freelance writer, Pluralsight course author and content marketing advisor to multiple technology companies.

You might have a XML file that looks something like this: This XML file contains two cards with various tags associated with each.

In case you want to make it explicit for reminding, it is fine, but it is not mandatory.

[1] However, any time it should be different from the default (1), you need to make it explicit. Now that you mention that again, I see there is a problem with it.

This works great if the XML file follows the same structure for each tag representing a card having a Card tag.

Inside that with the Player tag, the Name, Team, Year and Card Company all within the appropriate level.

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