Validating xml sax parser

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This parser is part of a package developed with the assistance of Microsoft, providing a Java implementation of much of the XML manipulation functionality in Internet Explorer 5.While it is freely available, support (such as bug fixes) costs.In any case, they were definitively informed about this bug in the first week of August, and it remains unfixed at this writing. These also mask other errors that the processor should have reported.IBM's package includes several processor configurations, including validating and DOM-oriented parsers, and it works well with other XML software provided by the company. (The same symptoms exists in the validating processor, which shares the same core engine.) Thankfully, those internal errors don't show up often enough to keep this processor from correctly handling the bulk of the test suite.Validation is available in the package, but not through the SAX API. It rejected almost all documents, due to a simple bug that no other parser has needed to stumble over.These rejections include all of the direct failures, as well as the huge number of "false passes" on the negative tests ...In short, most of the time if you feed this processor a legal XML document it will parse it without needing many resources.But if you feed it illegal XML, it won't be good about telling you that anything was wrong; or exactly what was wrong.

There appear to be a declaration ordering constraint imposed by the processor, and difficulties handling conditional sections.While it has not been updated in some time, it is still widely used.This processor rejects a certain number of documents it shouldn't, and isn't clear about why it did so.This processor seems to have some problems reading UTF-16 text.In some cases it rejects XML characters that it should accept.

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