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The default model binder adds an error message to model state automatically when it cannot bind a form field to a form property.The default model binder cannot bind the string "apple" to the Price property of the Product class. Therefore, the model binder adds an error to model state.I'm not recommending that you add your validation or database logic to a controller. Add Model Error("Name", "Name is required."); if (product To Create. If any of these properties fail a validation test then an error is added to the model state dictionary (represented by the Model State property of the Controller class). Validation Summary() helpers are used in the Create and Edit views that are generated automatically by the ASP. Follow these steps to generate the Create view: Make sure that you build your application before adding a view.A controller should contain only logic related to application flow control. Listing 1 - Controllers\Product // // POST: /Product/Create [Accept Verbs(Http Verbs. If there are any errors in model state then the Model State. In that case, the HTML form for creating a new product is redisplayed. You use these two helpers in a view to display validation error messages. Otherwise, the list of classes won't appear in the View data class dropdown list.Figure 04: Prebinding Validation Errors(Click to view full-size image) There are actually two types of validation error messages - those generated before the HTML form fields are bound to a class and those generated after the form fields are bound to the class.In other words, there are prebinding validation errors and postbinding validation errors.

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For example, the Create() action in Listing 1 validates the properties of a Product class before adding the Product class to a database. Units In Stock In Listing 1, the Name, Description, and Units In Stock properties of the Product class are validated.

The default model binder also cannot assign a null value to a property that does not accept nulls.

In particular, the model binder cannot assign a null value to the Units In Stock property.

The goal of this tutorial was to describe the basic mechanics of validation in the ASP. You learned how to use model state and the validation HTML helpers.

We also discussed the distinction between prebinding and postbinding validation.

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