Validating french rail tickets

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Another reader, Jennifer Freedman warns: "My 16-year-old daughter was fined €100 in late April because her connecting train (in Switzerland) arrived late and she didn't have time to buy a ticket." Each different train type has a different way of labelling their seats, and some local trains have no seat allocations at all.First, make sure you have the correct coach," Christine Cantera says.In Oui trains will, when all rolled out, offer wifi and tickets will no longer be checked on board. Tickets known as "Tarif Prem's" will offer the best price if you're able to plan in advance and are available up to 90 days before you plan to get on the train but the catch is you can't change your ticket or refund it, and on some journeys a limited number of them are available.Then there's the "Tarif Loisir" fare which are more flexible but also more expensive.

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Make sure you put a "crossbar" through the seven, or the conductor might claim it is a 1, and that you already used that date of travel. Regarding validating point to point tickets, it depends upon the country.In Oui trains which were officially launched in September 2018 are designed for greater passenger comfort and connectivity, where as Ouigo is seen as a budget service with low-cost tickets, restrictions on baggage and a timetable that might no suit everyone.There are important differences such as there are no restaurant coaches on Ouigo trains and often the trains stop at stations outside the big cities.The high-speed TGV (Train à Grande Vitesse) trains connect over 150 cities and towns in France. A journey from Paris to Bordeaux will take only 3 hours on these trains as they travel up to 300km/h.For 20 years it has regularly linked more than 230 destinations in France and Europe safely, quickly and comfortably.

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