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Rattlechains provides UW a lot of flexibility and makes it easy to play at instant speed and gain more value from Captain or Phantom.To match that, Bant Vial must either hit well with Company or have Vial out.I haven’t had much reason to change the maindeck, but I have been working on the sideboard.My anti-creature plan of winning the tempo game and using Slaughter the Strong to catch up left something to be desired.Merfolk players know well the power of lords, but leaning on a small number of cards to make a deck good creates more failure states through variance or disruption.I’d rather have spikier matchup percentages and more reliable gameplans.It also can’t run all the utility lands, and they’re integral to no-Vial.

Rattlechains is a card that to jam on the opponent’s end step after making them play around a counterspell, hopefully sub-optimally.Outside of personal preference, I don’t feel that Bant Spirits in any form utilizes Collected Company very well.Why this is and how I’d rather use Company are the topics for today’s article.Here, I instead went for a prison plan using Worship.Cutting the Slaughters for another Echoing Truth has paid dividends against UW Control.

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