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This section provides information about which XQuery Update constructs you can use to replace the use of the Oracle-specific XML updating functions in queries.Table C-1 provides a mapping from typical queries that use Oracle-specific updating SQL functions to queries that use XQuery Update.OBJECT_VALUE AS "p"); ACTION --------------------------------- SELECT XMLCast(XMLQuery('$p/Purchase Order/Requestor' PASSING po.OBJECT_VALUE AS "p" RETURNING CONTENT) AS VARCHAR2(30)) name, XMLQuery('$p/Purchase Order/Line Items' PASSING po.The XQuery Update Facility 1.0 Recommendation is supported by Oracle XML DB starting with Oracle Database 12c Release 1 ( to this release, to update XML data your queries necessarily used Oracle-specific SQL functions: .Note that there is no Oracle-specific equivalent for the XQuery Update constructs Prior to their deprecation, you used the following Oracle SQL functions to update XML data incrementally — that is, to replace, insert, or delete XML data without replacing the entire surrounding XML document.

For XML schema-based data, these Oracle SQL functions perform partial validation on the result, and, where appropriate, argument values are also checked for compatibility with the XML schema. An error is never raised if no nodes are targeted, but the deprecated updating Oracle SQL functions can raise an error if an XPath-expression argument targets inappropriate nodes, such as attribute nodes or text nodes.

OBJECT_VALUE AS "p"); ACTION -------------------------------- ') WHERE XMLExists('$p/Purchase Order[Reference="SBELL-2002100912333601PDT"]' PASSING po.

OBJECT_VALUE AS "p"); SELECT XMLQuery('$p/Purchase Order/Actions/Action[1]' PASSING po.

There are several deprecated Oracle SQL functions for inserting XML nodes into (a copy of) existing XML data.

Each can insert nodes at multiple locations that are referenced by an XPath expression.

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