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people take that way too lightly I respect people like @Esfand TV using the art of communication (a classic art) to discuss betterment of community without the destructive pitchfork approach.People who say "break the addon" you don't realize that to break an addon, you'll have to break a LOT of addons Agree with an addon or don't, but if people rally to break things,be aware of what you're asking for Every time blizzard has broken an addon, the crossfire was severe on the bars, no.The Wo W interface options can't handle these requests -- but third-party addons can. Some files are LUA format, while others are extensible markup language (XML) or table of contents (TOC) files.To install the addon, you simply move its entire folder to the correct location on your computer.There are a few things to keep in mind if you're using addons: As long as they don't play the game or make in-game decisions for you, addons don't generally break the rules.Other exceptions are addons that affect the way your computer communicates with a remote server and packet sniffers, or programs that track the way information travels between the client and the server.

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That's why we've rounded up a selection of the most popular favorites (and a few of our personal ones) to help you figure out which Wo W addons are right for you and how to get started customizing the interface to be tailor-fit.These are the default locations: This makes the addon a part of your game's file structure, which changes how the game operates.You can also download programs that will update your addons for you.I wasn't sure what else to do so I thought to make a post here. if you are JUST updating to 7.2.x version for first time since patch. the toc files would still be flagged out of date until client restart.This has been happening since patch released, I've restarted client multiple times since then and no dice.

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