Updating web reference

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My requirement is if there is any change in the web service (hosted on the server) the web reference (web service proxy class) in the client application should be updated automatically.If the client application is in Visual Studio we can right click the web reference and click Update.

I have another application consuming this web service.

Hi I have a webservice project in Visual Studio, and another project which uses the webservice.

My other project has a web reference to the webservice project, created via Visual Studio by browsing to "web services in this solution".

Thanks, Chandu In the codeproject article it has mentioned that one has to make provision in code that it should read proxy from app settings in web.config so once you do that it will always get proxy url from web.config Hi, My problem is not chaging the web service URL but the whole web refernce itself.

To be clear, initially if we add a web reference in Visual studio and later if the web service is chnaged we update the web refercne by right clicking the web reference and clicking on update web refernce.

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