Updating mental illness diagnosis

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“It’s not like because you have schizophrenia, therefore you go shoot somebody,” he adds.

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During the careful, considered process of updating the rule, we’ve engaged with stakeholders, including: disability beneficiaries and their family members; psychiatrists, psychologists, and other mental health treatment providers; and advocacy groups for those with mental disorders.

There are concrete, actionable things we can do to prevent mass shootings.“It’s important to keep in mind is that there do as a society.

We can dramatically strengthen the background check system by updating how data is added to it, we can dramatically close gun show loopholes and other kinds of loopholes that make it too easy for people to get guns, we can bring back the assault weapons bans, we can really really enforce red flag laws.

If any of the one in five Americans with mental illness could be a mass murderer, the problem is insurmountable. Placing our attention on things we feel like we cannot control diverts our attention from changing things we control, but which requires citizen engagement and action.“When we attribute violence to big amorphous things like mental illness or video games, not only is it statistically untrue, it also distracts us from interventions that might actually matter,” says Metzl.

“It’s important to fight back against the helplessness that those kinds of narratives tacitly convey.” Doing that will requires us to turn our attention away from the undefeatable faux-monster of mental illness and demand policy change instead of accepting neat narratives.

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