Updating madden 08 roster eater dating on the x

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You can check out the entire spreadsheet of roster updates here.

Why has there been so few create a player slots available on the default roster then there has been in past years?It's pretty sad the first game of the regular season is tonight and you still haven't had an update for the 53-man roster and if your updates are Friday that doesn't make sense either if the first game every week is on Thursday the update should be out before then So does anyone have any answers????? The first game of the season is over and the rosters are still old.....I feel like I'm playing Madden 17 still cuz the 53 changed so much this year....I place a week length, but CFM throws a variable on top of it, based on toughness and injury rating. Will more portraits be added to players without one?Rather, EA planned on taking two weeks at the end of the season but are back with updates from here to the end of the season. Otherwise, it would have to be patched in and those resources are now working on Madden That is a CFM issue, not roster related.

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