Updating internet validating vision mission and core values

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The only operating systems where IE10 was still supported and updated after January 2016 were Windows Server 2012 and Windows Embedded 8 Standard.When IE11 came out it wasn't available for Windows Server 2012, getting it for Windows 8 meant upgrading to Windows 8.1 and embedded systems are rarely designed to accept any upgrades or updates except security fixes.You can add sites one at a time, or in bulk from a text or XML file.Use the Web Application Compatibility Lab Kit to set the Enterprise Site tools up quickly; it's a pre-built virtual environment with Windows 7 or 10 and the Enterprise Mode Site List Manager and Discovery Toolkit already installed.Don't run this for more than a few weeks on each device, as it uses WMI and the . If you don't have SCCM, you will need to collect the logs with Power Shell too, using the Get-Wmi Object cmdlet.Use that list with the Enterprise Site List Manager to build an Enterprise Mode Site List that forces IE11 to load specific sites in the right document mode, so you can get legacy web apps to load correctly without needing to update their code.There are also specific Enterprise Modes to emulate IE8, and IE8 in Compatibility View (itself a compatibility option to render pages in either IE5 or IE7 document mode depending on whether the page has the DOCTYPE tag), but if your sites worked in IE 10 you won't need those.

It's worth pointing out that some web browsers will update all of your plug-ins automatically.You need to run the scripts and install the agent on each PC for which you want to track IE usage.SEE: Comparison chart: Office suites (Tech Pro Research) Consider limiting what domains and zones you collect telemetry from.That makes sense on a server, where you want the browser to open in a standard desktop window.But if you were using the full-screen browser on a Windows 8 embedded system, you may need to make some changes (like setting IE11 to full-screen kiosk mode) if you don't want the experience to change for users.

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