Updating inheritable properties in publishing site

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The Quran only contains three verses that give specific guidelines on inheritance (Chapter 4, verses 11, 12 and 176).The information in these verses, together with the practices of the Prophet Muhammad, allow ​modern scholars use their own reasoning to expand on the law into great detail.

Exceptions to this automatic, “fixed” inheritance include disbelievers – Muslims do not inherit from non-Muslim relatives, no matter how close, and vice versa.

The beneficiaries of such a bequest may not be “fixed heirs” - family members who inherit automatically according to the divisions outlined in the Quran (see below).

Making a bequest to someone who already inherits a fixed share would unfairly increase the share of that individual over the others.

It is recommended to follow the laws of your country/location when drafting a will so that it will be accepted by the courts after your death.

After accounting for personal bequests, the Quran explicitly mentions certain close family members who inherit a fixed share of the estate.

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