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I took advantage of this by creating a calendar on my Mac called, simply, “Mac Reminders”.I used this calendar for events which have alarms that I only want to appear on my Mac, not on my i Phone. Since all your calendars sync to Mobile Me, every event you create with an alarm message will appear as an alert on both your Mac and i Phone.

The other problem is that you can’t sync read-only subscription calendars to your i Phone.

With Mobile Me, contact syncing, as with calendars, is all or nothing. Much has been made over the fact that i Tunes long ago outgrew its name, but the role it plays is central to the success of both Apple’s digital media and handheld device businesses.

No, syncing calendars and contacts and email accounts to an i Phone doesn’t have anything to do with “tunes”.

With i Tunes syncing, you can include these read-only calendars on your i Phone. I thought about using the second limitation (subscription calendars not showing up on the i Phone) to work around the first (no way to set up a calendar with reminders that only appear on your Mac).

My idea was that I could create a calendar online using, say, Google Calendar or Backpack, subscribe to the ICS feed for that calendar in i Cal on my Mac, and, since subscribed-to calendars don’t sync to Mobile Me, I could use that calendar for any reminders I only want to see on my Mac.

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