Updating from fedora 9 to fedora 10

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However, the developers of the Intel graphics drivers have thoroughly restructured the Intel KMS code several times in the past six months.The Fedora developers found this coming and going that was partially caused by GEM too precarious, so they disabled the KMS support for Intel hardware in Cambridge; an update may activate KMS in systems with Intel-based graphics chipsets at a later stage.I am fully packed with confidence, optimism and curiosity to learn new technologies & can survive in any competitive environment I am put into and wish to be always in a nurturing and challenging environment.I am very passionate and delivered to my work, I like being responsible, I like to collaborate and make a good team, I am a person with goals, aspirations and professionalism.This makes Fedora's start-up entirely graphical with graphics hardware that supports KMS; there is no screen flickering even when the X Server starts up.This event is now only marked by the appearance of a mouse pointer immediately followed by the GDM's log-in screen – a video preview of this process has been provided by the Fedora project.In the following article, we will take a look especially at these new features and at some of the other events in the Fedora environment that are relevant to Fedora users.Faster and smoother startup Although Fedora's main sponsor, Red Hat, generates a large part of its revenue with corporate server software, some of the Red Hat developers were entrusted with working on technologies that primarily benefit end users and desktop systems in Fedora 10.

To further spice up the boot process, the Red Hat/Fedora developers created the Plymouth program (see also: Interview with the developers of Plymouth).

As a result, the switching between the X Server and a VGA text or framebuffer console becomes much faster and smoother, as the switch-over no longer requires any resetting of the screen resolution.

KMS also gives the kernel more control over the graphics hardware – until now, framebuffer and VGA drivers, the kernel's Direct Rendering Infrastructure (DRI) and the X Server have frequently stepped on each other's toes.

Although there has been four weeks' delay due to the server infrastructure break-in, unlike many of the previous versions of Fedora, there have been no further last minute delays in the release.

As is customary for Fedora, Cambridge contains a comprehensive and very state-of-the-art software range – even the recently introduced Open Office 3.0 and Firefox 3.0.4 have made it into the new version of the Linux distribution.

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