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It seems to use a standard Aptio BIOS, nothing fancy like the ones from ASRock/Asus/[email protected] - sorry, they updated the versions, so old links for those get killed.I was not aware of this until recently, so I direct linked in the past, instead of linking to the actual thread the packages were linked in previously.UUID often partially the LAN MAC ID, or serial # at the end other random digits at beginning.

updating asrock bios-14

I just tried the same without any edits - and I got the secure flash check error also.Sounds like your board is affected too, at least now we know, so thanks for reporting and checking twice to confirm.Surely someone will find quicker fix/solution to this soon like they did for the old version of Asrock protection, just have to wait until the right person runs up against it and they'll solve for everyone If you ever do need to flash in an modified BIOS for that board, I can show you how when it's time.There is no built in BIOS flashing app, we're being stopped by security error when trying to flash via AFUWin GIx64 included in the stock packages, with mod BIOS only. Thats pretty much detailed as I can : DThe tools did not report any errors.I rebooted the PC and my change (updated u Code) seems to work: 906EA AAChecked in the BIOS itself and with HWi NFO.

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