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You can also perform more complicated updates in Oracle.

Also notice that, if we want more/fewer TOC levels, or we want to alter or delete the dot leader, those options are available under General (in the lower third of the dialog box).

With nologging, if the system aborts, you simply re-run the 'update' again, as you have the original data in the main table.

When done, we swap the partition of original data with the 'dummy' table (the one containing new values), rebuild indexes in parallel, and wha-la! i.e, to update field2 in a table:1) First create your dummy hold table: create table xyz_HOLD as select * from xyz where rownum Hi Tom, As u suggested us to create a new table ,then drop the original table and rename the new table to original table instead of updating a table with millions of records.

I work with John Bittner, one of the previous reviewers. This process was introduced to our environment by a master tuner and personal friend, Larry Elkins.

This was a totally new paradigm for the application, and one that saved the entire mission-critical application.

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