Types to avoid when dating safe euro dating

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He judges anyone and anything that isn’t just like him, and that includes you.Don’t conform to his standard, male behavior (you know, because you’re a woman)? This guy is toxic, and everything he touches turns to garbage. This is one that can pretty easily sneak up on you if you’re not paying attention.This person wants the best of both worlds – don’t let them have it.Out there in the dating world, it’s easy to run into the full spectrum of players, jerks, and flat out a-holes.I can’t tell if he’s hurt or if there’s just nothing more to be said.I don’t do awkward silences well, so I ask the next question that pops into my mind.“So, why’d you stay with her so long in spite of all the crazy?

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This guy looks for a woman to latch onto so that he can have her take care of him and all his needs – while he puts zero effort into the relationship.This will quickly devolve into her spending every waking second wondering why you haven’t called or texted, berating you because your lack of time together shows you “and it’s poisoning not just her, but you too.If a woman doesn’t have friends outside of the time she spends with you, it can be a potential warning that you might be headed towards dating Smeagol.Trying to get a concrete plan out of him is like trying to get blood from a stone.This guy is so unorganized he constantly lets deadlines slip and screws up the simplest long term plans. Listen, I’ll be the first to say that a guy’s relationship with his mom is one of the more important factors to look at in a relationship, but…

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