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It's not as if a Pisces is clingy—on the contrary, a Pisces can seem incredibly independent while in a relationship—but a Pisces constantly views the world as if from a split-screen: The world through their eyes, and the world through their partner's eyes.

They're always trying to make the choices that are the best for both parties, and even small decisions, like where to order Seamless, are made with that perspective in mind.

Let’s move on now to look at more of the positive and negative traits of Pisces men.

Passionate, intense, and singular, a relationship with a Pisces is a roller-coaster ride that will make you feel your feelings—even the bad ones—and help you emerge as a better, more honest person.

A Pisces wants their partner to grow, and demands that their partner brings their very best self to the relationship.

That may cause some partners to feel like they're being pushed away, as a Pisces partner will likely say of course they should seek a promotion, more time at the gym, or a goal, even if it means spending time apart.

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This partnership can seem to develop like the moon—faint to see at first, only to be powerful and luminescent a few days later. A Pisces needs to be in the mood to go on a date, and if a Pisces calls to say they're not feeling it, it's best to reschedule.

Sadly, much of what you will read on the web Pisces men tends to be incorrect.

That’s because so much of what’s out there simply repeats astro-babble and doesn’t get to the heart of the man. As a reader, you have a right to know about the author.

Pisces respect each other's space and know each other's needs, and together, the pair can be incredibly powerful. It's not a blow-off, it's just that Pisces are ruled by their emotions, and a bad mood can often equal a bad date. One sure way to a Pisces heart is to share some of your favorite places with them.

Pisces can seem reserved at first, and they often feel safer is a partner opens up first, especially in the early days of dating.

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