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The intervals for water temperature or depth measurement, as well as track point intervals (time or distance) can also be identified by the user.Target tracks can be plotted on the User Chart or removed from it on the user's command.This capability is especially important when fishing is done in a new area where the user is not familiar with local navigational conditions.

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Automatic Chart Updating There are several options of providing automatic chart updating: Information on Chart Objects The “Info” function contained in Navi-Fisher 3000 allows the user to obtain additional information on any object or mark on the electronic chart.The Add_Info Converter allows target ship tracks to be converted into Routes.Track storing With Navi-Fisher 3000, advanced facilities are provided to record, store and obtain information on the following types of tracks: Essentially, the color of Primary and Secondary tracks can be either set manually by the user, or automatically depending on the outside water temperature or depth.Navi-Fisher 3000 is a functionally advanced but user-friendly electronic chart system specifically adapted for the needs of the fishing industry.Navi-Fisher allows substantial reductions of the fisherman's workload, as well as considerable fuel and voyage time saving with increased fishing efficiency and safety of fishing.

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