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Sometimes there are dual-optimal endings depending on which side the player chose to be on. ) The most diverse examples are found in Visual Novels and Dating Sims, including but not limited to: Some designers include truly "neutral" multiple ends, letting the player decide whether they're good or bad.

The major problem with Multiple Endings is that the sequel, should the developers decide to make one, obviously has to pick only one ending from which to continue the story — probably one of the good ones.

This invariably occurs in adaptations to other media, such as novels, comics and television.

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Since the mid 1990s, more than a dozen games have been released as part of the titles haven’t been officially available in the West, meaning that English-speaking gamers looking to play them had to go to the trouble of personally importing their copies.That situation is about to change, though, thanks to indie distributor Playism.Market Test Your Ideas First A Romantic Pitfall In my last post I talked about the crazy way that many new business owners fall in love with the idea of owning a shop.This can make the story and characters look disjointed and confuse the player when they see the main character suddenly switching sides because of a few actions they did in a previous scene.When done poorly, having multiple endings can cause the player to have more questions than feel like the story is really resolved.

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