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B/Father - 6 kids on my birth father's side and possibly two sets of twins and a 3 year old B/F was a cook & tailor, BM was a seamstress and weaver. Jack Bloom was the attorney that handled the adoption.

I would love to find i am looking for my birth mother i was born in Marlboro County hospital in may1960. My birth mother is not listed on my birth certificate. I was told you were named David Louis (last name unknown, however it could have been Koons, Burnip, or Myers and adopted, without my consent, through Catholic Charities by a physician and his wife. I just wish if I do have a family that has been searching for me, I also have been searching for so many years. if anyone has information please contact Looking for 2 half sisters born to birth father Steve J. Janie Elizabeth and Sabrina born to different mothers. I was born in Baltimore, MD in 1967 at john Hopkins medical center. My brother (Jamie DOB:8/6/81) at the time and I (Angel DOB:9/6/83) where put into foster care we lived with Mr.&Mrs. Don't know anything about him , but I do know my mother was a freshman in college and wanted me to have a better life than what she could've given me at the time. Birth mother ISO son, born 5/21/1989 in N Chas SC at Trident Hospital. I think adopted mothers name is Diane and the baby may have been named Edward, maybe but not Baby was a son born May 21,1989 in N Chas @ Trident Hospital. I heard son was adopted by people in Bonneau, last name Hood. I have reason to believe she was born in Charleston, or Florence, but exact location is unclear.

I've had a great life, two girls of my own now. My first pregnancy was a miscarriage due to medical problems and if I have more children I want to know what I will face.

Please if you know that women that gave me up for adoption. My birth name was Angelbaby girl born in Charleston, adopted and moved to Washington DC with family. Males in family seem to be into mechanics of some sorts and BM & MGM seemed to work in a clothing or textile plant doing some type of sewing. I just had a baby and would like to know medical history.

If you have any interest, please Looking for son I was forced to give up to adoption by my parents Baby was a son born July 19, 1963. If they read this please understand there are no hard feelings and thank you for brave decision. according to my non identifying papers my birth father was killed in vietnam in 1968. BM father killed in train accident when he was about 30 years old. I was told we have other sibilings too but not sure if they are alive. Rebeccaooking for my birth son he was born october 9 1990 I don't know much about the adopted family except they have another adopted son name birth son is named Travis and he is biracial. If anyone has any information Please my name is Brian Green i was born in Charleston SC ,i was adopted by Nora and Marty Green we lived in va beach va until i was 18 im looking for my mother or aunt.

I heard son was adopted by a religious family in the lower part of South Carolina. I would like to establish a relationship Looking for birth parents. Male Charleston - Mother resident of Florence Crittenton home. i was born at the medical college hospital in charleston, sc. Adoption done through Gaston County Dept of Social Services.ooking for birth mother. I just want to make sure he's happy and healthy 2-13-92Looking for Estelle Wilson Benge (DOB) she is my biological mother. Also, looking for my half sister shynekia (DOB)2-13-1992 and my half brother Tommy (DOB)9-11-1993.

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