Three strike rule dating

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You deserve to be with someone who loves you and treats you with respect & lying is neither of those qualities.

I’m sure they will beg you to forgive them, yet if a person does something 3 times it’s in their DNA & most likely won’t change. Make use of the Dating Rule of 3 to help you navigate the dating jungle and find the right one for you!

This rule also helps you establish your boundaries so people don’t walk all over you.

Sometimes you don’t even need 3 strikes to throw them out of the game. 1 time they lie, stick to your guns and dump their ass.

See if they are legit or just manufactured insecurities you have within yourself.I say first date, because the initial meet-n-greet is not a date.It’s a short encounter for that very purpose to see if you want to go on a longer 2-3 hour date with them.If you are not, maybe the chemistry just isn’t there.It’s better to just move on to find someone that makes you giddy with butterflies in your stomach.

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