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The example you just completed is quite long compared to the others you will see in this chapter — this is because you build on this example rather than starting from scratch with each example.This is the forum to discuss the Wrox book Beginning Visual C#, Revised Edition of Beginning C# for .If you run it nothing happens when you click the buttons or enter text, but if you maximize or pull in the dialog, the controls behave exactly as you want them to in a proper user interface, staying put and resizing to fill the whole of the dialog. You insert the information the user has entered without bothering to check if it is correct.This means that you must do the checking elsewhere.In this example, there are a number of criteria to enforce to ensure that the values are correct: .The reason that this event needs a special handler is that should the validation fail, there must be a way to prevent any further processing.

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How It Works The job of setting up the visual part of the form is now complete.

Setting the tells the control that it shouldn't do anything else with the character, and so if the key pressed isn't a digit or a backspace, it is not shown.

As it is now, the control is not marked as invalid or valid.

An empty string is represented as are initialized with the value of the empty string by the Java Server Faces implementation.

Validating these strings can be an issue when user input for such fields is not required.

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