There was an error updating the deduplication volume

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because some applications that rely on specific NTFS features might not work with Re FS [...

The key design advantages of Re FS include automatic integrity checking and data scrubbing, removal of the need for running chkdsk, protection against data degradation, built-in handling of hard disk drive failure and redundancy, integration of RAID functionality, a switch to copy/allocate on write for data and metadata updates, handling of very long paths and filenames, and storage virtualization and pooling, including almost arbitrarily sized logical volumes (unrelated to the physical sizes of the used drives).

However, Re FS lacks copy-on-write snapshots and compression, both found in Btrfs and ZFS.

I am running windows server 2012 R2 and started the Data Deduplication process on a Volume, I have done this before on other servers and worked fine.

As a result of built-in resiliency, administrators do not need to periodically run error-checking tools such as CHKDSK when using Re FS. These include object IDs, 8.3 filename, NTFS compression, Encrypting File System (EFS), transactional NTFS, hard links, extended attributes, and disk quotas.

Dynamic disks with mirrored or striped volumes are replaced with mirrored or striped storage pools provided by Storage Spaces; however, automated error-correction is only supported on mirrored spaces.

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