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These features are common to other villages: Imerovigli, Firostefani, Pyrgos and, especially, Oia.

The Akrotiri site has not yielded huge amounts of gold, silver and bronze artifacts, nothing on the scale that might have been expected had the inhabitants been caught unawares.(Related story: "'Lost Kingdom' Discovered on Volcanic Island in Indonesia [February 27, 2006].) The researchers, partially funded by the National Geographic Society, obtained the new data by conducting the first seismic survey of the seabed near Santorini.

Inhabitants elected their representatives (called "Gerontes") who had to deal with Ottoman and Venetian autorities.

Santorini is not just an island, it didn't live and develop like all other nearby islands.

It's history, inhabitants, activities, were buried deep into the earth and then revived ... Once a time, in the place of Santorini, there were 3 small islands with no importance.

The excavations highlighted many important rests, such as: public streets, buildings, a seventh-century temple of Apollo (partially built in the rock), a school, the Agora (an open "place of assembly"), a Basilica dating back to the Hellenistic Age and restored during the Roman Age.

It has been also discovered a ceramic coming from the Doric Art and some archaic coins.

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