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And a level down from that is a bad boy who SELLS used cars...

He did something so, STRANGELY bold that nobody in the studio could believe it... Some are weird, some are heart wrenching, and then there are others where a JUICY SECRET is revealed Which is what happened in todays Second Date.

Over the course of four movies, the beloved sheriff has overcome every obstacle thrown his way while also transforming from a simple, conceited show-off to an empathetic leader who always puts the needs of others above his own.

But at the end of , it looks like our time with Woody may have finally come to an end, as he left Bonnie’s room and to metaphorically ride off into the sunset with Bo Peep and explore life as a free toy.

And when we get her date on the phone it is CLEAR she only has one goal in mind... In today's Second Date Update we'e excited to introduce one of the most interesting characters we've had in a LONG time!! And while his name may be with a girl at the Zoo was even WEIRDER.

Hyland, for her part, reportedly split from her ex-boyfriend of two years, Dominic Sherwood, this summer.

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