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You can up the ante by whispering it in his ear in a public place where he can't do anything about it just yet, like at a party.You will officially become the only thing on his mind all night.We've all seen the phenomenon: A woman in tight, light-colored pants who forgets her purple granny panties are visible through her ass -- in color, shape and outline -- to the whole world. There's nothing more embarrassing than that dreaded VPL (Visible Panty Line), but when you go commando, you'll never, ever have to worry about it.Exercise caution, though: You aren't safe from camel toes.Maybe your relationship needs a little excitement in the sexual department, or, hey, maybe you and your boyfriend already f*ck like wild animals and you just want to make things even more interesting.

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I can't wear full-coverage underwear with so many of my jeans; the underwear adds just enough extra thickness, making my jeans too tight.

The 750 combat engine has a C at the top front of the cylinder head and it was originally fitted with 32mm carbs.

Also, the gap between the head and the barrel is narrower than the gap between the other fins.

And you probably could afford to buy jeans in smaller sizes, which obviously would feel awesome.

Having the seam of your pants run right along your vagina can create some interesting sensations throughout the day.

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